Born in 1935 in a x-Buttermilk-Aral farm Ilyich, Syrdarya region. In the seven years I went to school 36 station Zhambyl, from the first class began to study painting in the classroom and in the circles under the guidance of a teacher of drawing Gorbaneva Basil Antonovacha. After the end of seventh grade, he studied at the s / s. college Then he worked and studied at a technical college (FPI) Department of Road Transport. Before graduation, he worked in the carpool number 1 artist, then 4 years at the school named after Pushkin teacher of drawing and painting. Upon graduation he worked as an engineer, then deputy director for operations of the fleet number 1. Oil painting started with 20 years on the book "School of Fine Arts" (10 volumes) He participated in exhibitions. On retirement in 1998, he became involved professionally. I have about 300 works. The first solo exhibition was opened in 2007. Exhibited 50 works "Nature Zhambyl oblast." Second solo exhibition was opened in 2008. Exhibited 50 works.